Dedicated Fleet

In addition to offering the highest quality brokerage services, SLT Inc innovates and adjusts to the increasingly demanding and changing market. Over the years, relationships with some carrier partners have transcended the traditional business brokerage to the point where a solid relationship of trust has developed between us and they now dedicate us with their entire transport fleets. Therefore, this your chance to enjoy the benefits of this service which combines the strengths of a broker and carrier all in one.

By using this service, you opt for the stability and reliability of a transport fleet to meet your specific needs while benefiting from the flexibility of a large network and competitive broker rates.

A targeted analysis of your unique needs, performed by our highly qualified staff will offer you a transport solution for your specific demands, all at lower cost thanks to the strength of our network with carrier partners.

Tell us what you need and SLT will provide transportation solutions tailored to your reality!